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Rule of touching the table tennis table

In the event that your opponent touches a table surface with his or her free hand (the hand not holding a paddle) during a rally, that opponent will automatically receive a point. The same holds true if you are wearing or carrying anything while moving the table.

Rules of the table tennis racket

A racket must have a black blade on one side and a red blade on the other. This means that the red rubber must be red and the black rubber must be black if two rubbers are used. Using only one rubber is legal, however, the ball cannot be hit from the other side as it does not have rubber. Thus, the rubber can be red or black, but the other side must be contrasting.

Rubbers must be approved by the ITTF. You must display the ITTF logo, a number (if present) and a manufacturer’s logo or trademark near the handle of the striking surface in order to prove your rubber is authorized.

Rule of the table tennis net

It is recommended that the top of the net be 15.25cm above the playing surface along its entire length. If the umpire has not already done so, you should check both sides of the net as well as the middle of the net before beginning a practice session or a game. The majority of manufacturers produce a device that checks the net height, but you can achieve the same result by using a small ruler.

Obstruction of the table tennis ball

The ball will become an obstruction if it is above the playing surface, or approaching it, but not reach it if it is touched by the player with his bat, body, or something he is wearing. A ball passing over an end-line, a ball passing over a sideline, or a ball moving away from the playing surface is not considered an obstruction. If the ball is over the table and moving away from it, then you may be struck by the ball in front of the end-line and still not obstruct it.