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Ozy World Table Tennis is an Australian retailer committed to supplying top-quality products to Australia and around the world. Ozy World Table Tennis offers a wide range of iconic Australian products, including top-of-the-line table tennis equipment. This is why high-quality lawn bowls don’t need to be expensive. Table tennis equipment includes table tennis tables for sale, premium table tennis apparel, folding tables, rackets, startup kits, table tennis balls, a wide range of table tennis nets and so much more! 

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Table tennis table frame &structure

You must also consider the frame structure, in addition to the tabletop. The tabletop is, in essence, the support system for the entire setup, which determines its structural integrity. As the tabletop is heavy, the frame must be sturdy in order to support it. Outdoor table tennis tables also require a stronger frame than indoor tables. It must, after all, withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, sun, dirt, and more.

We offer high-quality table tennis tables at affordable prices at Ozy World Table Tennis. Our inventory of table tennis equipment includes everything you might need, regardless of whether you are a professional or casual player. Our table tennis tables can be found in Adelaide Perth Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Hobart Darwin, so contact us today!

The company also sells table tennis rackets, balls, nets, shoes, and even athletic clothing. Take the time to browse our collection and grab the hottest table tennis tables and table tennis supplies online while they are in stock.

Tabletop specifications

Professional players need to possess this skill. Tabletops of varying thickness affect bounce to a greater or lesser extent. We recommend thicker tabletops for professional players because they provide better playability. For casual players, thinner tabletops can be used, but they should still be 3/4 in. to 1 in. thick.

Indoor vs outdoor table tennis table

Is your table tennis table meant to be indoors or outdoors? There are fundamental differences between indoor and outdoor tables, and it is important to determine which one you require. The outdoor tables will be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions if they are placed outdoors. The indoor tables can also be used. Furthermore, you may want to consider purchasing a folding table tennis table with a fixed net system. This way, you can enjoy a game outside. The table can be folded and stored inside after use.

Buying for performance

You’ll find lots of different qualities of table tennis tables for sale when you are shopping for them. Many of these items would be available at throwaway prices, but others would be quite pricey. Whenever possible, choose table tennis tables with thicker wooden tops if you are new to this. Thickness in general ranges between 12 mm and 25 mm, where the former represents poor quality and the latter signifies excellent quality. Don’t buy tabletops that are too thin, as the ball won’t bounce well on thin tables. Therefore, if you are able to afford it, always buy table tennis tables for sale with thick tops – somewhere between 18 mm and 25 mm.

Why choose us?

As an online retailer of top-quality table tennis tables and accessories, Ozy World Table Tennis has carved out a niche for itself. Find the perfect outdoor table tennis table for your needs among our amazing range of outdoor tables in Australia. In addition, our products are priced competitively and provide the highest possible gaming performance, So, regardless of what you’re looking for – a folding table tennis table or an outdoor table more suitable for professional practice – Ozy World Table Tennis has something for everyone.

Do you sell table tennis tables Australia wide?

In order to provide top-quality table tennis products to the Australian market, Ozy World Table Tennis has established itself as a NATIONAL AUSTRALIAN retailer. Ozy World Table Tennis believes that table tennis equipment does not have to be extremely expensive. Our products include a large selection of quality table tennis tables, rackets, start-up kits, balls, and other accessories. You will never be short of choices when it comes to quality Table Tennis products at Ozy World Table Tennis. We sell to Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra, Newcastle, and everywhere in between!

World Table Tennis world Cup

Table Tennis World Cups have been held annually since 1980. Since 1990, there have been team competitions and women’s singles. Until 2007, the World Team Cup was canceled. It is now held in odd-numbered years. Learn more at the World Table Tennis website. You can learn more about table tennis in NSW, QLD, SA, NT, WA and VIC at the appropriate links.

ITTF Summit

First ITTF summit to be held this year!

Rule of touching the table tennis table

In the event that your opponent touches a table surface with his or her free hand (the hand not holding a paddle) during a rally, that opponent will automatically receive a point. The same holds true if you are wearing or carrying anything while moving the table.

Rules of the table tennis racket

A table tennis racket must have a black blade on one side and a red blade on the other. This means that the red rubber must be red and the black rubber must be black if two rubbers are used. Using only one rubber is legal, however, the ball cannot be hit from the other side as it does not have rubber. Thus, the rubber can be red or black, but the other side must be contrasting.

Rubbers must be approved by the ITTF. You must display the ITTF logo, a number (if present) and a manufacturer’s logo or trademark near the handle of the striking surface in order to prove your rubber is authorized.

Rule of the table tennis net

It is recommended that the top of the net be 15.25cm above the playing surface along its entire length. If the umpire has not already done so, you should check both sides of the net as well as the middle of the net before beginning a practice session or a game. The majority of manufacturers produce a device that checks the net height, but you can achieve the same result by using a small ruler.

Obstruction of the table tennis ball

The ball will become an obstruction if it is above the playing surface, or approaching it, but not reach it if it is touched by the player with his bat, body, or something he is wearing. A ball passing over an end-line, a ball passing over a sideline, or a ball moving away from the playing surface is not considered an obstruction. If the ball is over the table and moving away from it, then you may be struck by the ball in front of the end-line and still not obstruct it.

What are table tennis tables made of?

Fiberboard is the primary material used in the manufacture of modern table tennis tables. A high-density fiberboard is usually used. As an alternative, you might be able to use medium-density fiberboard (MDF) if you are making one at home. You can choose between an inch and 0.75 inches of thickness.

What is the table surface made of?

Surface Material: Most Table Tennis Tables have a wooden play surface. It is great for most uses but shouldn’t be used outdoors, in excessive humidity, or in extreme temperatures. Playground surfaces made of weatherproof aluminum are becoming increasingly popular.

What make is best for an outdoor table tennis table?

Galvanized steel undercarriages, weather-proof nets, and posts, and a weatherproof playing surface are the best outdoor table tennis tables.