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Everything you need to know about table tennis tables

Are you looking to lay hands on an outdoor table tennis table in Australia? But, are you sure you would be setting it up outside? Outdoor tables usually take a lot of space and thus, if you’d be using it mostly indoors, then you should probably consider buying a folding table tennis table. That said, it’s easy to make up your mind whether or not you want an outdoor table, but when it comes to figuring out if you want a full-size table or how thick the top should be, you’d feel confused and a little overwhelmed.

So how does one figure out if he or she needs an outdoor table or a foldable one? Well, you must first find out how you intend on using it and whether the venue would be used for other purposes as well? If you and your friends plan on using it frequently or perhaps the table would be used to train aspiring professionals, you should go for a proper outdoor ping pong table. That said, if the venue is also used for other purposes, you’d be better off buying the foldable kind.

History and introduction to table tennis

Table tennis originated in England in the 1880s as a form of amusement for the upper-class Victorians but has much evolved in the many decades that followed. The game, in its current form, is controlled by the ITTF or International Table Tennis Federation and has been an Olympic event since 1988. The game requires a 9 ft. × 5 ft. playing surface. That said, table tennis is a game that serves great as an indoor as well as an outdoor game. It’s a physically demanding game that requires robust hand-eye coordination and can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Expert tips on finding the right table tennis table

Here are a few things to be kept in mind, when you are out buying an indoor or outdoor ping pong table.

The playing surface: The first thing to notice about any table tennis table - foldable or outdoor, is the thickness of the top. These range between 0.5-inch to 1-inch. If you are serious about playing table tennis, get yourself a table with at least a 3/4-inch top or 19 mm thick. Anything lesser than that wouldn’t offer the same level of bounce.

Frame and chassis: Obviously, a full-size outdoor table tennis table in Australia is quite heavy and thus would need a solid frame. In fact, it is a critical aspect of the durability of the table. Some of the cheap folding table tennis table have aluminum or galvanized tubing, which eventually becomes shaky or wobbly. Check the number of cross-beams joining the connection points with the playing surface before selecting a table.

Storage option: If you do not have enough space for the table to be lying there, go for a table that folds up and can be stored neatly. There are tables where the playing surface retracts into the transport frame. Moreover, choose a table that has big multiple wheels. It would allow you to move the setup wherever needed.

Assembly and locking mechanism: Most outdoor ping pong table come with some level of assembly – though it’s nothing complicated. Moreover, they have a locking mechanism that not only prevents the table from accidentally opening up or closing but also locks the table in position when setting up for a game.

Why choose our products?

We at Ozy World Table Tennis have been pride ourselves on selling quality table tennis tables and accessories, and over the years, we’ve created a niche of our own. Come, check out our amazing range of outdoor table tennis table in Australia, and choose the one that best represents your needs. Moreover, all our products are attractively priced and provide the ultimate playing experience. Thus, no matter what you’re looking for – an ordinary folding table tennis table or an outdoor table more suited for professional practice, we at Ozy World Table Tennis, have something for everyone’s needs.


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