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Buy Ping Pong Table Online in Australia


Are you looking for a ping pong table online at the best price in Australia? We are glad that you could find us - Ozy World Table Tennis.


At Ozy World Table Tennis, we take pride to say that we provide every item that will meet your table tennis needs. From indoor and outdoor ping pong tables to sportswear, we have everything in our racket sports department. If you are planning to buy a ping pong table, you first have to think about where you are going to place the table. If you are going to keep indoors, you can go for an indoor ping pong or table tennis table. Otherwise, you should think of getting an outdoor table tennis table.


With plenty of options available, it can be hard for you to pick the right kind of table tennis table. You can pick outdoor or foldable table tennis tables from our collection as per your need. Some tables come in small sizes for younger players, while some tables are of the actual size so that we can have the actual experience and fun. So, we literally have something for every table tennis lover in our stock.


Ping Pong Tables - Dimensions & Types

Table tennis is a perfect way to exercise with family and friends while having a fun time. However, if you are a  professional table tennis table player, you need to be really sure about the table you buy. This means you need to know about the different dimensions and types of ping pong tables.



Full-sized table:

If you are unaware of the size of the standard table tennis table, it is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide in Australia. This type of full-sized table is used by professional players. So, you can buy this type of table if you are a professional table tennis player or soon going to take it up as a career.


Adjustable height:

Often, children can't have much fun or lose their interest fast if the table is too high for them. That's why we recommend opting for a table whose height can be adjusted. Especially, if you are buying a table for parks, community clubs, or schools, go for tables with adjustable heights.


Conversion tops:

Not aware of this one? It refers to the top part of the table tennis table that can be placed over pool tables or other large tables at home. These tabletops can give you the feel of a proper table tennis table. So, if you have limited space, these tabletops can be a great alternative to the entire table tennis table structure.



Once you have found the ping pong table for you at Ozy World Table Tennis, make sure to check out our collection for all other necessary items that you will need for your table tennis game. Here, we have the best stock for table tennis accessories like table tennis rackets, table tennis balls, table tennis attires and shoes, table tennis nets, and many more. So, don't forget to check out our collection and order the items that you might need for a great table tennis session.


Table tennis table | Buy Online with Ozyworld Table Tennis | Great Prices and Great Services | Order Online today or call us to book an Installation and Delivery. PING PONG TABLES |

Table Tennis is a great pastime and a great way to relax socially with family and friends! It is also a Olympic sport! All in all Table Tennis offers great opportunities for all to enjoy the sport socially or even take it seriously. Whatever level you're at, here at OZYWORLD TABLE TENNIS, we're here to help! PING PONG TABLES |


OZYWORLD TABLE TENNIS has a huge of Table Tennis products which you can all order online, with fast delivery services available [ and installation for tables ]! Our products include:


  1. High density fibreboard large elastic, big friction and high temperature resistance
  2. Water-proof ,oil-proof, sun-proof and flat surface
  3. Support rod for stability and large bearing force
  4. High elasticity net, can adjust the height and tightness
  5. Environmentally friendly paint materials
  6. Foldable, easy to move table tennis table

Size : 2740*1525*760mm

Table thickness :12mm

Table material: High density fibreboard

Table feet size: 40*40mm



Guide to buying great table tennis tables in Australia | PING PONG TABLES

At Ozy World Table Tennis, we’ve been selling  quality table tennis tables for a long time now and thus, we can proudly say that we know a thing or two about table tennis tables for sale and the basic difference between cheap ping pong tables and the professional kind. So, we hope to offer a brief but informative guide to the first-time buyers who are probably looking to hone their skills or are simply interested to buy ping pong table for the occasional fun.

The basics of buying ping pong tables for sale | PING PONG TABLES

Let’s face it – most people have played table tennis at least once in their lives, whether it be at school or college, at a friend’s place, or at a club. In fact, it’s one of those games that anyone can play regardless of age or skill they possess. However, there are lots of benefits of playing table tennis. It not only improves one’s balance but also significantly improves people’s hand-eye coordination. With the tons of options available in terms of size of the table, the make, and the top, it can become quite confusing to find the type that best suits their needs. This is where we hope this guide would come in handy.

The different types of table tennis tables in Australia via Ozyworld Table Tennis

From outdoor and foldable table tennis tables that you’d normally find everywhere to the more premium pool ping pong table, the options are really quite staggering. While some come in small sizes for young table tennis players, there are others that are the size of actual boards - there’s literally one for everyone’s needs.

  • Full-sized table: For those who do not know, standard table tennis tables in Perth or anywhere else in Australia are 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. These full-sized tables are particularly suited for those who seek the best table tennis table for professional practice or those who are looking to go pro sometime in the future. However, go for these only if you have enough space for a permanent fixture like this.
  • Adjustable height: Want to play table tennis in Queensland or in any part of Australia? Table tennis is a great game but children who have an interest in it wouldn’t be able to participate or enjoy the game if the table is too high for them. This is why, always opt for a table whose height can be adjusted. You’d find such table tennis tables in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or pretty much anywhere in Australia. So, such a table is of great use for young players who are short and yet want to experience the entire playing surface.
  • Conversion tops: Never heard of it? Well, that’s because it’s not a table tennis table per se! Basically, it’s just the top part of the table tennis table, which can be placed over pool tables or other large tables at home, giving you the feel of a proper table tennis table. It’s a great alternative for people who do not have separate space for a big table tennis table – a great space-saving method.


Understanding the undercarriage

Unless you are opting for a conversion top, the undercarriage of all table tennis tables for sale matters. The undercarriage includes the frame underneath the table that literally supports the entire structure on top. When you buy table tennis tables in Melbourne or anywhere else, check whether it has wheels or is fixed.

Generally, table tennis tables can have only one of the two types of undercarriage designs.

  • One-piece: As the name implies, these table tennis tables in Adelaide and in other places have a single-trolley system. It basically allows the table to stay as a single unit and fold from the middle. The design is also known as a rollaway. The basic advantage of a one-piece type of design is that it allows the two halves to be aligned properly and that it can be used half-open for practicing alone.
  • Two-piece: As you probably guessed already, these table tennis tables in Brisbane and in other corners of Australia, come in two separate halves, thus offering an easy and space-efficient storage option. However, these tables are harder to align before every game.
Key takeaway

So, if you are looking for cheap ping pong tables to take some time off from work and indulge in some fun games, we’d advise you to go for a foldable ping pong table. It’s easy to store, cover, and set up. These also offer balance and durability, and even come with a reinforced design. However, if you are serious about the game, and would like to spend time on it on a regular basis, we at Ozy World Table Tennis, would suggest you to go for the professional-kind outdoor table tennis tables for sale.

As mentioned we service Australia wide with door to door delivery to  major cities and regional areas, to name a few, such as big Table Tennis Tables playing centres areas like:

  • Table Tennis Tables Sydney
  • Table Tennis Tables Adelaide
  • Table Tennis Tables Perth
  • Table Tennis Tables Brisbane
  • Table Tennis Tables Canberra
  • Table Tennis Tables Gold Coast
  • Table Tennis Tables Darwin
  • Table Tennis Tables Fitzroy
  • Table Tennis Tables North Sydney
  • Table Tennis Tables Coogee Table Tennis Tables Neutral Bay
  • Table Tennis Tables Geelong
  • Table Tennis Tables Sunshine Coast
  • Table Tennis Tables Rockingham
  • Table Tennis Tables Fremantle
  • Table Tennis Tables Northern Beaches
  • Table Tennis Tables Torquay
  • Table Tennis Tables Rockhampton
  • Table Tennis Tables Alice Springs
  • Table Tennis Tables Ballarat
  • Table Tennis Tables Belmont
  • Table Tennis Tables Ipswich

We service all the major states too including

  • Table Tennis Tables Victoria
  • Table Tennis Tables NSW
  • Table Tennis Tables Queensland
  • Table Tennis Tables WA
  • Table Tennis Tables South Australia
  • Table Tennis Tables Tasmania
  • Table Tennis Tables Northern Territory

Get into Table Tennis Tables Australia!


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